"Guranteed Sale" Policy


All sale (Promotion) merchandise is sold with the understanding that you may return all or any part of your first or second order, on any promotion, with no restocking fee and at our expense. Just call us, toll free, at 1-800-835-3737 and we will send you ARS shipping labels to place on each package in order to obtain your free UPS Authorized Return Service.

"Over The Counter" Replacement Guarantee


Using UPS Authorized Return Service we will pick up and replace, at no charge, any of our merchandise that you have replaced under our “over the counter” replacement guarantee.

"Lifetime" or Other Warranties


If you, the original consumer, find any defect, in material or workmanship, simply notify the place of purchase for a free exchange. After 30 days, and for as long as you own this product, send it freight pre-paid, along with (Amount will vary based on the product and current economic conditions, such as inflation)* to cover shipping and handling. We will repair or replace the product at our option. 

The individual user should take care to determine prior to use whether this device is suitable, adequate and/or safe for the use intended. We make no representation or warranty as to the suitability and/or fitness of said warrantied devices for any specific application.


To register a new product for warranty please Click Here.

Payment Terms


Our terms are net invoice due 30 days from date of invoice - deduct 2% if paid within 10 days of your receipt of goods. Discounts are given on merchandise only - not on freight. Please do not take unearned discounts. On all amounts past due a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be added each 25th of the month. No open account shipments will be made to past due accounts. Any account allowed to become over 60 days past due will only be shipped C.O.D. for the next 5 times in order to reestablish credit with a new limit at the average of C.O.D. experience.

Credit Balance


We will remit our check to any account showing a credit balance, the same day requested.

Credit Limit


A credit limit equal to a minimum full freight allowed order is assumed for all new accounts, with about that per outlet for multi-outlets. Subject to negotiation as experience increases.

Freight Policy


All goods are shipped “Best Way” F.O.B. Addison, Illinois. Freight collect if by truck. Freight prepaid if by United Parcel Service. Full freight allowed (FFA) on any single order for (4) or more full cases to one location. (Deduct freight charges and include copy of bill when you remit to us.) Please, do not deduct prepaid freight charges.

Promotion Procedure


Our promotions will create excitement, increase floor traffic, provide fair profits, and continuing “residual” sales for months to come. All our promotions are market tested and yield surprising results at no risk, simply follow this formula: When you send out statements or invoices to your customers, let out 3x5 “Ad-Card” ride along free in the same envelope. Throw them in with orders and staple them to sales receipts and tickets. Then have your sales or delivery people carry and show a sample product one time through their territory on their normal calls. (A great conversation piece) and they’ll more than earn their pay with the extra profits these additional sales will generate.

Call us, between 8am and 4pm CST
Toll Free at 1-800-835-3737 or fax us at 1-630-543-7614.