When choosing the right air hose to use as an automotive technician you first want to think about the environment and working conditions you find yourself most often using air tools in. Are you mainly quick service shop performing mainly oil changes and tire rotations, a collision repair shop dealing with major overhauls or a standard repair and service shop which deals with a little bit of everything on a daily basis. Therefore, in respect to this article we will focus on the quick service shops and standard repair shops.

Quick service shops typically spend a lot of their time changing oil which is why you would want to consider investing into a hose which is oil resistant. The reason behind this is because when a hose absorbs oil and expands like a sponge it ends up compromising the integrity of the hose and shortening its lifespan. Therefore finding a hose that is both oil resistant and lightweight makes it easy to maneuver around the shop with without having to worry about the hose absorbing oils and chemicals on the ground.

Power Port’s Oil Defense PVC hose has been a staple and top selling hose in the automotive industry for quite some time now and has all the benefits and features you’d want in a quick service shop hose. The makeup of the hose is built out of 2 layers an inner tuber and cover both being oil resistant and separated by a reinforced layer of 2 spiral synthetic polyester yarn giving it a 4:1 safety rating and working pressures up to 300 PSI. The non-marring hose cover is easy to clean while also ensuring that it won’t scratch or rub off onto surfaces making it a preferred hose to use for automotive shops.

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Collision repair shops, body shops and automotive shops that deal with major car wrecks and engine issues often use tools and equipment that produce extreme heat. Either it be welding, torching or working on an engine these environments could be detrimental to a hose that isn’t built to withstand heat