Sub-zero temperatures do not agree with most hoses especially PVC hoses. Contrary to common belief our King Flex PVC hose is extremely flexible in temperatures as cold as -65ᵒF. The material King Flex is made from is a mixture of high grade resins that perform extremely well in cold climates making it the most flexible hose on the market. Working in the northern most regions of the US in places like Alaska can be brutal on your tools especially on your hose, which is why King Flex is making it easier for people all across the country to work in cold climates without having to worry about their hose coiling up and becoming brittle in the elements. 

Even if you are not working in colder climates King Flex is an all around hassle-free, easy to handle flexible hose that has no memory and always lays flat. King Flex is also equipped with our Oil Defense technology and can withstand laying in oil without compromising the integrity of the hose. Check out the link below and learn more about the King Flex PVC Hose.