Roofer Using a Nail Gun.

When it comes to roofing and framing the best air hose to use would be a polyurethane hose. The reason behind this is because when you are working at significant heights or steep inclines you want a hose that’s light and easy to maneuver. Dragging around a heavy items that high up is an issue. You wouldn’t want the weight of your hose dragging down your tools. 

The Yellow Viper polyurethane hose is perfect roofing and framing since its lightweight, flexible, highly visible, performs well in cold weather and has a tough exterior cover that won’t fail when you need it most. Save yourself the energy and extra work of lugging a heavy hose around atop roofs all day and invest into a lightweight polyurethane hose that will keep you and your workers a lot safer. 

Every Yellow Viper hose comes complete with reusable and field repairable brass fittings. This is to ensure that if the hose gets punctured on the job, you will be able to fix it within minutes with the tools you already have on you. When it comes to work, saving time will save you money.

I suggest for you to give Power Port’s Yellow Viper hose a try, it’s backed by our guaranteed lifetime warranty, we are serious when it comes to quality hose, we stand behind our products for life.

Yellow Viper Polyurethane Hose