Guaranteed Sale Promotion


Are you looking to bring in some new products to your store without having to take the risk of buying something you couldn’t sell? 

Well, we at Power Port Products offer what we like to call a “Guaranteed Sale Promotion” for those that are looking to bring in and try new products in their store. What we do is send you out the products you are interested in with no upfront costs and give you 30-60 days to sell them. If for some reason the products don’t sell we will pick them up at our own expense. Therefore, we only make money if you make money. 

Included with every order you will receive a free stack of 3x5 marketing ad cards to place around your store, hand out to customers or attach to invoices. This will help draw your customers attention to the new products you are now offering. All we ask is that you do your part and promote the products as you see fit. If for some reason these new products do not sell within the 30-60 day period we will send out UPS and pick up every product you do not want or can’t sell at our expense. Therefore, this is a win win situation for you, either you make some extra profit and put some money in your pocket or on the other hand you got to test out some new products in your market and saw how they faired amongst your clientele.

We are very confident in our products, which is why we offer this promotion. So when you do sell the products you will find an invoice in your shipment and that is there to let you know the MSRP, Sale Price and Investment Cost of the products. All you have to do once the products sell is decide how many more you want to order and pay for the previous products in which you sold. If by some chance you did better with one product over another and would like to send back the products that did not sell and pay for the products that did sell, we’d be more than happy to send UPS out and pick up those products at our expense.

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